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Gift Peer Groups
8 Weekly Sessions (each group limited to 12 participants)

Are you ready to take a deeper dive with your discovery of what gifts you are ready to express in the world? These peer groups are a safe space for individuals to join with others on a similar path and deepen your relationship with your gifts.

Develop Your Sacred Gifts
Peer Development Group Starting January 11th

Gift peer groups provide a more intimate setting for people to join with others on a similar path in attuning to the gifts they are ready to give and receive in their lives. The overarching framework will be The Five Stages of Gift Development. Participants will receive customized coaching from LGC founder and master coach Brian Jaudon as they learn to unblend their gifts from parts of the ego that have diminished, hidden or overly protected those gifts from being fully expressed in the world. If you are ready to deepen your relationship with giving and receiving in your life, join us! 

For more info contact:

The Science of Compassion by Daniel Nevins

The outcome of working with Brian to discover my gifts has been nothing short of stunning. As well as I thought
I knew myself, he saw things I would not have been able to see on my own. It was a life-changing experience that has yielded transformative results.

       - Joan Shafer

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