The world is waiting for your gifts

What is living gift consciousness?
It is an invitation.
It is a community.
It is a gathering.
It is a conversation.

We are in a powerful time of clarification. All of us on some level are feeling the tug to become clear about what we deeply care about and how we can contribute to a new world that is rising out of an expansion in our collective consciousness. As part of that conversation, you are invited to join an emerging community that will support and guide you in attuning to the gifts that are waiting for you to give and receive. 

Be with us July 15th for our first online global community conversation. You'll hear from some special guests who will be sharing their journey of giving and receiving gifts at this time. Be inspired and and find your tribe!

Are you ready to discover what gifts you have to offer in your community and the world? Join a small peer group of fellow travelers on the gifts journey facilitated by master coach and Living Gift Consciousness founder Brian Jaudon.

We'd love to hear where you are on your gifts journey. Initiate or add to a conversation about what gifts you're offering and receiving during this powerful time of expanding consciousness. How are you being called to be of service?


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